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Parting Gift by Fiona Apple
11 hours ago
11 hours ago

I'm A Woman by The Garden


ardent capitalists shouldn’t be allowed to like frida kahlo and homophobes shouldn’t be allowed to listen to queen

versace was so good


aminaabramovic is a gem 

<3 ty bby

1 day ago

lars von trier: vagina satan
nerd: deep

honestly? i look at photos of harry styles for outfit inspo alot

Chronicles of fuckboys
Fuckboy: "I'm moving to NYC"
Fuckboy: Our band is on soundcloud
Fuckboy: It's supposed to

elizabitchtaylor said: she’s 45?!?! wtf

i can’t wait for someone to say this about me in 24 years

 I love being a WOC

but that being said i can’t wait to be jlo’s version of 45 and shake my ass in front of cameras because im 45 and my body is still sickening

1 day ago