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This is a public service announcement to Steve negropean to want better and do better

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Super Sayian 4

so gawjus


Are ghost notes from people u blocked

I’m not even gonna argue with you!
by A girl that has been arguing for 30 minutes.  (via senorhoudini)

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I love lady gaga’s unretouched Versace campaign photos

Let me tell y’all abt st Ives products if you read the ingredients “lies” will be listed as one of them

audreyhellburn OMG girl how does it work for you st. Ives apricot scrub is manufactured by the devil himself like that shit made my face itch when I used it as a teen!!

Plus like I heard the apricot shells they use create micro tears in the skin that cause more problems I don’t trust st Ives at all sis!!


listening to a sad song that has a nice beat


Let me tell y’all about this seaweed exfoliator I got from the body shop like this shit goes all the way off the body shop better pay me for this free promo

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Super cute: Jourdan Copeland for Rollercoaster Mag